The company was formed as a Delaware LLC on October 30, 2007 and has successfully positioned itself to perform services at many federal departments and agencies.  What distinguishes us from other firms is that we know and understand the business-critical nature of multi-faceted organizations, and how those collective unique attributes create the often elusive ‘Big Picture’.   We strive to deliver competitive advantages for our clients and partners.

Motto:  Leverage for Leaders (TM)

Mission:  Purdy Group translates complex information into critical knowledge, enabling our clients’ ability to anticipate needs and create transformational opportunities.

Vision:  Purdy Group will create competitive advantages and greatly improve client mission performance across; organizational silos, business processes and technology platforms through the mobilization of selected experts and the application of thought leadership and innovation.

Core Values:

1.       Competence – Our professionals are able to perform high quality work in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

2.       Integrity – Openness, honesty, accountability and the highest ethical standards are essential components of our corporate identity supporting our trademarks of integrity, objectivity and trust.

3.       Commitment – To providing products and services of superior value to surpass the needs and expectations of our clients.

4.       Creativity & Innovation – The ability to generate, evaluate and implement new and better ideas for improvement are vitally important to our future.

5.       Communication – Continuous, multi-level communication is the hallmark of our unmatched service to our clients.

Company Leadership:  Dr. Frank Purdy, Founder, President and CEO of Purdy Group, has a Master’s in Business Administration, a Master’s in Public Administration and has a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (dissertation on Corporate Innovation). These credentials coupled with over twenty-eight (28) years of expertise in management, organizational and information technology analysis in government arenas qualifies him to address complex issues successfully.

Dr. Purdy has a wealth of information and experience.

  • Retired Navy Supply Corps Commander with significant expertise:
  • Logistics, Contracting, Financial Management and Installations,
  • Was Submarine & Surface Warfare Qualified,
  • Noted Efficiency (Cost Cutting) Expert,
  • Has Two DAWIA Level 3 certifications (Logistics & Financial), and
  • Performed extensive Contract Administration & Management.

Our Staff:  Our professionals have strong business, technical, financial, engineering, government, and military backgrounds with considerable experience in successfully solving multi-dimensional problems in:  Government agencies, Military organizations, publicly traded businesses, large utilities, High technology companies, and venture funded Start-up companies.  Their diverse set of real-life experiences ensures that only the best options are presented for consideration.

CAGE Code:  547Q3

Dun & Bradstreet:  827-066-718

SICS:  7371, 7373, 8741, 8742, 8748