Purdy Group LLC is looking for highly qualified associates to assist us on a variety of opportunities.  Our goal is to help prospective employees succeed.  Armed with an in-depth understanding of the requirements, priorities and expectations of our clients, our firm presents handpicked candidates whose specific experience and leadership skills will make them an instant asset to their government client.

We bring tenured experience in finding and selecting the best talent, have access to impressive resources and utilize proven procedures to fill challenging vacancies.  Our recruiters have over 8,300 cleared resumes in our repository, work many national markets and cultivate relationships to provide impressive opportunities for talented candidates.

Types of Employees:  Purdy Group has employment options to fit your needs.  We offer:

W2 – Salary with Benefits

W2 – Hourly without Benefits … Typically higher wages because benefits are monetized

Retired Military & Civil Servants:  Retired military and / or retired government employees are of particular interest to us because our current openings require individuals that 1) easily recognized as subject matter experts, 2) have current Security Clearances, 3) are well versed in government policies and procedures, and 4) often live within the metro Washington DC commuting area.

W2 Salaried Employee Work & Life Balance – Unlike many employers, Purdy Group sincerely believes in keeping a proper work-life balance.  We think that our staff will be better consultants if they are in control of the decisions that affect their personal lives.  Here’s how we bring that belief to reality:

  • Allow work from home or close to home, focus on local assignments

  • Seek input into consulting assignments

  • Remaining open to flexible career track discussions

  • Keeping the focus on clients and results, not hours

  • Providing enabling technology

  • Encourage individual support for local community through volunteering

We also offer an outstanding benefit program to our full-time employees that can include:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision

  • Life, Short Term & Long Term Disability Insurances

  • Matching 401(k) with Immediate Vesting

  • Generous Paid Time-Off

  • 10 Paid Federal holidays

  • Training targeted at $1,500 per year after one year with the firm

  • Coming Soon … Health and child care spending accounts

  • Coming Soon … Employee assistance programs

Your Career – We expect the experienced people we hire to become aware of the many opportunities available to them within Purdy Group and to make their own decisions about the expertise they want to acquire, how quickly they want to be ready for promotion, when and if they want to take on a new role and how much compensation they want to earn.  Here’s how we help our team members to “own” their career:

  • Multiple variable compensation opportunities

  • Personal career coaching

  • Personal development plan updated annually

  • Support for a week or more of training and development annually

  • Flexible career tracks - no time and tenure requirement

  • Promotions at the employee’s pace - no up-or-out policy

  • Client and project assignments aligned to career goals

  • Peer to Peer knowledge sharing opportunities

The professional compensation package and corporate culture have a very positive impact upon recruiting and retention, because the offering is attractive and yet realistic for what top firms are currently offer their professional employees and represents a holistic plan for compensation.

All interested candidates should send their resumes to for consideration regarding positions supporting Department of Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community openings.